Into the final countdown of days till wedding.  Its been a long time coming, as the bridal couple have been together for more than seven years and Carla a substantial part of our lives for the most part of that.  That we officially welcome her as the new Mrs Buck on Saturday is an honour and a privilege for Linc, Damon, me and the entire extended family. I’ve always said she’s the woman of my dreams, never mind Rory’s.

Ummm, maybe you can tell…I love this girl to bits. 

Its been some year – this engagement year.  Starting from the day Rory set aside to propose when the newly-made ring got lost in the post en route from Seattle to Spokane, the very special set of events he had planned fell somewhat apart because the subject of his proposal had unexpected work related meetings that went on and on and on…. Carla managed to slice her ring-finger-hand thumb open on a broken glass and had to have the whole thing hideously bandaged up,  not so preeety a thing for a girl when you want to show off THE diamond!  The year has marked moving on, moving out, moving from, moving around, blood pressures moving off the scale, (as only visa related issues can do) and finally moving in to where they now call home – Skopje, Macedonia.  Some would call it a hard year. Both, Carla and Rory have endured and survived it with grace, humility, humour  and a huge amount of character. Its also not been an easy thing planning a wedding from three different continents, five different cities and a world of time apart. 
However many fraughtful moments, however many anxious and over riding emotions, however many whatevers (sigh),  that go with putting a wedding together its all behind us now and  we’re expecting a grand and joyous celebration of two very special people who will commit to live their lives with and for each other, as long as they both shall live.  So help them God. 
A few words to my eldest-unmarried – while I’m still allowed to:
Rory – I can now, with a very happy heart,  officially hand you over to someone I’ve been praying for all your life.  SInce birth I’ve asked God to bless you with a wife that would love you unconditionally, treat you like a king and mostly be your best friend and constant confidente.  A life long companion that would love to laugh and see the funny side of life, no matter how hard it becomes.  One that would ride with your dreams and visions but bring you back to reality softly if and when necessary. A wife that will do you good and not evil, a hard worker that knows how to play…and pray. And if you dont mind God while we’re on the subject, someone who’s beautiful to look at and quite intelligent too.  That always helps, thanks. 
Thank you Father, that over all these years you’ve listened to this mothers prayers, you’ve heeded and you’ve organised the perfect girl for my boy. Far more than I could ever have hoped for or imagined. I’m deeply grateful…and relieved.  Thank you Father God, I could not have picked a better wife myself.
And Rory – heed well,  as this is the last time I can tell you what to do…from now on I’ll have to WAIT, (ask myself  –  Why am I Talking)  as its no longer my place. 
Just 5 very simple words:
I’m off now to pack my probablyinpurple wedding dress, along with the million and one other things for the wedding, including the already made and frozen wedding cake, (now thats reason for prayer right there..please Lord, let it arrive in Cape Town in one piece, still frozen, send your angels to look after it and keep it cold for all those than 12 000km’s)   I also need a bit of practice walking on those awfully silly high heeled shoes I bought for the occasion.  Whatever possessed me…I never EVER wear high heels.  High heels dont do me, they do me in!  But buy them I did,  in a fit of fancy as heels are said to make your legs look slimmer and your bum look smaller!   Oh the vanity of being part of the female bridal party…these pictures will last a life time after all, darling!  Luckily the wedding is on the beach so I’m sure they’ll be ditched sooner rather than later for the old, nice and comfy flat pair I’ve had for years and which are probablyinpurple too. 
(*Mark Gungor – Laugh your way to a better marriage!)