children in distress

I don’t do or like the political thing.  I’m not a placard-waving-water-canon-magnet or a LISTEN-to-me-humanitarian although I am pro humans and am deeply concerned about their welfare. (This comes with apologies to all the hard working, quietly–doing-marvellous-things humanitarians out there)  Mainly I’m an ordinary mother, an aunt, great aunt, teenager fan, part time teacher of little people and a human with a heart.

Surely anyone with even half a heart has to sob silently and sadly for the children of the world.  The innocent victims of crashed and missing planes, wars, border control issues, terrorist abductions, car hijackings, raping as a cure for Aids, the sex trade……the list goes on.

Children (by definition:  a person under the age of 18) – the innocent victims of selfish adult power, greed, lies, money and deceit.

Suffering children caught up in the gruesome despair of adult atrocities when all they ask for is a bucket and spade and an ice cream from the vendor.

Oh the pain and needlessness of war – which never has a winner.  The destruction, the waste, the lives lost or forever maimed, physically, mentally, emotionally.

In Gaza.  In Syria. In the Ukraine….. All over.

I’ve heard, seen and read about both sides of the tragedy in Gaza.  Both stories are compelling in the authenticity of the teller. I may have my own opinion and theology on the matter, but that’s not the point  and neither is it relevant right now.

The State of I ……. (A six letter word, very topical at the moment) is a country in the Middle East whose name is barely uttered around here, such is the associated taboo.  So….. said premier of said unmentionable country said he and his citizens have the right to defend whatever it is they’re defending. That’s all well and good,  but  what about the rights of the child: the right to survival; the right to develop to the fullest; protection from harmful influences, abuse and exploitation; the right to participate fully in family, cultural and social life and  the right to first  receive relief in times of distress.

If rights are right… who then, is wrong?

No matter which side you support, the situation is serious, sad and complex, as it is in Syria.(    But, however complex, whatever perspective, whoever is correct or incorrect, I simply cannot find justification in the traumatising and killing of innocent children.

As a bible believer I’m called to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and that God’s will be done.  I do.  But I certainly don’t believe that God is pro one nation over another.  I believe God is pro people and as much as we weep for the loss of life and destruction, so does He.  Even more so.  For He sees what He created, both Arab and Jew, male and female, adult and child being destroyed by guns, gas, bombs and arrogance. People unwilling and unable to talk things out and just get along.  Not of His doing….ours.

War reducing humanity to its most perverse form.

And so it was with a heavy but eventually encouraged heart that I read the statement from the parents of  Mo, Evie and Otis,   three beautiful  Perth children killed in the MH17 tragedy.  Through their very loud and personal pain they issued a statement so full of love and dignity it has to be inspiring. It’s a powerfilled message written to the soldiers of the Ukraine, the politicians, the media, friends and family – all lumped together in one.  Both friend and foe.  That takes incredible character and larger than life courage. They go on to say that  no hate in the world is as strong as the love they had for their children.  No hate in the world is as strong as the love they had for their granddad who also died in the crash.  No hate in the world is as strong as the love they have for each other. Hugely gracious, they thank the people who have surrounded them with love and say that this expression of love is what is keeping them alive.


Perhaps the big lesson to remember here is that goodness will always triumph over evil.  That love covers a multitude of sins and if we do not have love, we have nothing. Also that  there are far more wonderful, heartwarming, encouraging and kind people out there than there are villains. If we only learn to look beyond the media and television hype. And when we find these treasures to  acknowledge, honour and encourage them and more importantly, teach our children to do the same –   as they may just be the politicians of the future.