Hello Fellow Bloggers 101 and anyone else who cares to read this:

I’ve been dabbling in this blogging thing for about two years – usually not very serious, often tongue in cheek and mostly for fun. I’m South African by nationality but have lived away from my motherland for 17 years and am presently living in Dubai. I started blogging because people at home and friends abroad kept asking for life updates and I got tired of telling them once, twice, three times…..a lady story.

I called my blog “probablyinpurple” as I travel quite a bit and if an unknown person is meeting me in some distant land, my standard comment for contact is “just look for the tall blonde lady, probably in purple”.  And yes, purple is my favourite colour and that’s how the name stuck.

I have no mission statement and no clue what I actually want to do with this blog or where I want it to go.  I have many interests, amongst them writing, so to pin down one particular topic or specific audience can’t happen right now.  I’m hugely techno-challenged and had to…uhummm (blush)… google how to look up what a URL is? My children, both highly competent in this modern way of life are no doubt cringing if they’re reading this. That’s possibly the best reason I’m doing Blogging 101 – to become proficient in the how to, whats and why for’s of blogging and to save them from having to explain for the 100th time how to insert a picture or publish a post. They will certainly thank you, wordpress.com, for sparing them the eye rolling agony of blogs to come.

To end, I invite you to read the following post I wrote when I started blogging about the vulnerability of going public with ones words:


I look forward to an exciting time ahead as we all come to grips with, and evolve in the wonderful world of blogging.

Blessings to you all

Ali Buck