Acetobacter, Saccharomeyces, Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, Glaconacetobacter kombuchae, Zygosaccharomyces kombuchaensis…..

Er….say what?

A lesson in hieroglyphics or the names of an Asian cricket team?

Nah, these are all good bacteria and yeast strains found in kombucha. You are forgiven if you did not have a clue. About the above or about kombucha.  Neither did I and I still don’t know too much about fermented foods of which kombucha is one.

Fermented foods are high on the list of must eat/drink for RA and auto immune sufferers as they apparently aid and heal the gut which in turn gets the body back to the basics of working properly.

The little I know is that kombucha is  a fermented black tea mixture, which is full of probiotics and other, no-less-than-10-letters-a-name things, that our intestines crave and need to boost perfect health. (In South Africanese, its just vrot tea.)

I was kindly given the Scoby needed to start the whole kombucha process off a couple of months ago and I have to be honest, it has not totally grabbed my fancy.  Its slippery and slimy and looks like its name sounds: Complicated. Thats just the scoby. Kombucha, in my opinion, is on a par with green tea, although the tastes are very different. But as I’ve said before, this whole journey is yet a puppy and who knows, maybe I’ll get the gist of it all and become totally hooked,  one fermented food at a time.   I hope so, judging by the fermented food fans out there who babble on about all its benefits.

There are other fermented things too, that profess to get you fit enough to fly. We’ve dabbled in making our own sauerkraut but I’ve never tried or even tasted kimchi or some of the others.

Clearly my life is incomplete.

So I’ll continue on one step at a time till I find what works for me.    In the meantime here are some informative websites that might just enlighten you a little more than I have.

And if you win at this before I do, please let me know!