Stress is one thing to deal with. Its common, well documented, well researched and there is plenty of information on how to sort it out.   What remains is for us to act. We can have all the knowledge in the world but without the necessary action, it remains just that. Knowledge.

We need wisdom, (oh how I need wisdom) – the ability to apply the knowledge to our lives for positive effect.

Going back to the mind/body connection there are many other thoughts, feelings and emotions that can affect our lives in a negative way. This is a relatively new area of scientific study and perhaps the direct relationship of how we think and feel to our wellbeing is not so thoroughly covered and widely published and it’s only becoming “fashionable” now. None-the-less it is very real and very relevant.

In her book, “Feelings buried alive, never die” author Karol Truman gives very clear and interesting insight into the correlation between thoughts, feelings and emotions and the effect they have on health.   It’s more than ok to feel and have emotions – if we don’t, we’re dead! Its what we do with the thoughts and feelings that count and as the title of this book suggests, if we ignore and bury them, they never don’t go away or die but instead can be very destructive.

Thoughts and feelings have energy and energy can never be destroyed. Therefore feelings can never be destroyed, only altered. They have to go somewhere and do something. If our thoughts and feelings are negative then the result manifests negatively too. This is not necessarily an instant reaction, it can take years and years to happen – but why give it a chance.   I had to learn to deal with many years of negativity in my life – I still am. It’s a life long process. But start…. just start somewhere.


Become mindful of what you are feeling, thinking, saying, do. If you’re like me, much of my day is spent just getting through it, never mind how or why. Pinpoint feelings and recognize if they are making you uncomfortable or not and don’t turn them off…as is often the case.

Take responsibility for them: that is do something about them, ACT. Release the feeling, let it go, stop needing to be right, relax your thinking, become more flexible. Pray. Forgive.

Research has shown that certain feelings and emotions have a direct link to certain illnesses.   The following is a list associated with autoimmune and specifically RA:

For autoimmune, feelings of:

  • Pretending to be happy on the outside but inwardly crying.
  • Helplessness
  • Giving up
  • Un-dealt with grief

For rheumatoid arthritis, feelings of:

  • Body gets conflicting messages: laughing on the outside while crying on the inside.
  • Being totally helpless in being able to change life’s burdens.

How do you get rid of these feelings?

Process the feeling with it’s opposite and focus on the positive, for example

“I give up”: I feel resolute. I feel courageous. I feel happy. I feel tenacious. I love life.

Feel, Reveal and Deal

There is so much more to this than I can put into one short blog. I urge you to do your own research, find someone who can help you process negative feelings and I highly recommend reading the book “Feelings buried alive never die” by Karol K Truman.