People love to hear success stories. They motivate and encourage and I love to tell them.

About others, to others and to myself.

But when it comes to my own success stories there’s always the push-pull of should I -yes why not or No, No, Never – because I’m a complete fraud.

Right now as I slouch in front of my computer screen in a sugar and carb induced coma, sipping peppermint tea to aid my digestion

I have to tell you that today I blew it 110 percent…..

Doing a FOOD TOUR of Dubai.

Yes really I did….

I know.

Who with inflamed digestive and pac-man-eating-pac-man problems voluntarily goes on a FOOD tour?


Tomorrow my body will pay big time, but right now

It is well with my soul.  Oh how superbly well it is with my soul!

Impossibly impulsive I am and that go-away-instant-gratification-button did not feature today.

Too bad so sad cos I tried and tasted EVERYTHING that was handed to me on a platter, otherwise and more.

Was this set back or success?

SUCCESS and that’s why I’m telling the story here.


I let the gratitude of gladness dig into the delight of catching an Abbra from one side of the Creek to the other as we moved from the Fish and Fruit Market to the Spice Souk and on to

RGAG Emirati Scramble – Scrambled eggs in tarragon butter and black truffle


POSH BEITH TEMAT – Poached local farm eggs, spicy saffron tomato sauce with chami yoghurt.


Arabic coffee custard french toast with hickory smoked date jam, pistachio whipped cream and sour pomegranate syrup and

HOMEMADE GRANOLA – Pistachio praline crumble, macerated pomegranate and chami yoghurt



Oh save my soul, for surely it is my obligated duty to delight in such fabulous food washed down with fine arabic coffee (which we later learnt all about at the coffee museum.)


Sometimes you just have to promote palate paradise as you eat your way through Dubai’s most historic streets, rich in ethnic culture and far, far away, from the glitz and glamour of the tallest this, biggest that and wealthiest everything. 

Sometimes you’ve just got to do things that are extra ordinary and out of the ordinary.

Sometimes the rules have to be broken to breathe in the beauty of a good thing. 

And sometimes you have to fail at what you should do, in order to succeed.

Just for today.