I’ve faffed and fiddled and avidly avoided getting to my keyboard over the past day. All because I’m hugely hesitant to write these next couple of posts on


Nothing sparks as much controversy in the world of dis-ease than the stuff you take to fix it.

Everyone has his or her own story and here more than anywhere else you have to diligently find WWFY!

In this series I’ve purposely pushed What Works for YOU, with as much conviction as a cheerleader at pep rally because it holds true in every situation you find yourself in when dealing with Rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune diseases and actually, any other malaise.

I remember well, my dear mother, a couple of weeks before she passed away from cancer. She fought the big C, bravely and so graciously for more than 15 years and mostly without allopathic medicine because she believed so much of it was “bad” for you. On one particular morning near her end, she lay prostrate in pain and asked for a glass of coke. Anything to oblige I went to get some, but by the time I got back from the store she had changed her mind and told me she could not drink it because “coke is so bad for you!” She mostly refused chemical painkillers too, because they “are so bad for you”. I admired her tenacity to do the right thing in her eyes, even to the end of the earth. Well… her time on earth anyway.   Thankfully, I’ve never been in that position but knowing myself and this rebellion and…. arghh, this instant gratification gadget I’ve got, I’m sure I would have had a whole bottle of coke with a twist of lemon, lots of ice and serious sweetness, because at that moment at the end of my time, it would work for me.

Each to their own!

Taking my moms cue, conventional medicine has never been my first line of cure but for a lot of others it is.

I quote MD and Functional Medicine specialist, Dr Amy Myers here: “Most people who suffer with an autoimmune disease use prescription medication to suppress their overactive immune systems. But the treatment is often more disruptive and harmful than the original condition. These medications lose their effectiveness over time and have severe side effects.”

You can read more about her thoughts why Western Medicine gets auto immune diseases all wrong here, bearing in mind that she is a fully trained MD, who suffered from an autoimmune herself and consequently moved over to Functional Medicine with excellent results.

I’ve also witnessed the downward and painful progression of RA in a very dear college friend of mine, who now innocently, has more side effects and trouble from conventional drugs than she does from the RA itself. No fun. No fun at all. She’s felt belittled and brushed off by doctors, who have not believed her pain or listened to her story.  Their answer to everything is just to give her more drugs.  Right now she battles with the fact that she has to make the choice of when to go for hip and knee replacements.

Consequently I’ve preferred and sought out alternative medicine in many of its practices. I’ve tried homeopathic and naturopathic remedies. I’ve swallowed piles of pills from Vitamin A to Z and gagged on sewage smelling and tasting Chinese concoctions. Some have worked, some haven’t. Some gave temporary relief, others not. Some cost atrocious amounts of money, others were cheerfully cheap. It’s been a long drawn out journey consulting medical people of all forms, and I’m happy to report that I think I’ve found WHAT WORKS FOR ME.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, (thats in pill form, not liquid) along with one high quality supplement that contains everything in it needed for arthritic joint management. The ingredient list on the box takes strong reading glasses and many minutes to get through, but so far so good. Yay!

My advice: Read, research, speak to others, test and try.

Be informed – knowledge is power.

And never, ever give up till you find WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!