There will be faces and flags and lots of cheering children. Bands will strike up anthems and people will stand amazed – none more than me. I’ll feel and touch the vibe of victory as I high-five the bystanders from the saddle of my bike on which my butt has been four-month-molded.   I’ll do high-jumps-in-the-air with my knees neatly curled and tucked under my bum. You know: those Yehaa-look-how-good-life-is poses, way up there.

All this as I ride my bike into my Mother City – Cape Town at the end of the grueling and demanding journey.

My bike ride home, all across Africa.

I can but dream.

When pain is the default and even your hair hurts with standard, compulsory movement, there is very little incentive to look outwards and upwards to see the big picture …. and to dream.

Our worlds tend to get tiny and introspective and insular.


But it need not be so. Where there is life there HAS to be hope.

And my hope and prayer for you, my fellow companion on this journey is that YOU have, find and continue to hope.

And with that hope come dreams.

Big dreams for a brighter, fuller, fabulous future.

Dreams that don’t include creaking, conked out knees and inflamed fingers. Without a bloated belly and second thoughts about which side of your body you’ll hang your handbag as your shoulders protest in pain.

I’m not suggesting you bounce out of bed with boggling solutions to world peace. I’m not telling you to go out and do wonders with Good Samaritan sacrifice. (Although if that’s your dream, then awesome, I’ll drop Ban Ki-Moon a note and tell him to look out for you!)

What I’m trying to say is simply:

Please, please, don’t give up.

There are solutions to every problem and the solutions to auto immunes and rheumatoid arthritis are out there too.

Waiting and willing for you to discover them and to find out


So many blessings to you all. Thank you for reading and following these 31-day posts. If you missed the series and are interested, the completed list of topics can be found here.

Now my 31 day Challenge is completed. Tick and hooraay!

Just another reminder that nothing is impossible to anyone if you put your mind to it. Writing everyday for 31 days was almost a bigger challenge to me than all my RA days put together.

I came, I wrote and I completed.  I hope you learned.

Until we meet again…..Goodbye and God bless.