Tomorrow is Christmas Eve 2014. We have a whole herd of people coming for a traditional Christmas dinner so the days have been busy with this and that, comings and goings and all things red, rich and relevant to a birthday. (Just in case some of you have forgotten, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus – just saying!)


We’ll be sitting down at a long and luscious table, with heirloom silver and white embroidered tablecloths. Red and green decorative bits, lots of silver balls, candles and the always present-on-the-Christmas-table pinecones that have done the rounds for the last 30 years – at least. Some things never change, even if the nearest natural pinecone is indigenous to many miles away.

Each of the dear friends and family that will sit at our table are cherished and oh-so-welcome. My prayer is that each person present will feel loved and honored and will enjoy this special time together. We’re expecting lots of laughs, plenty of banter and gloriously good food

Thank you.

Thank you so much. For the party and the privilege.

More so than ever before, as I’ve busied myself deeply in the turkey stuffing and shiny sweet meringue moulds, have I been aware of privilege.

For in this moment in time, where the world wobbles in uncertainty, where precious lives are daily lost for reasons too arrogant to comprehend, where hatred and anger default as normal, where families are broken and dysfunctional and dying and even in functioning families, there are those that feel un-understood, lonely and left out. Yes, at this moment in time, it is indeed a huge privilege to have a gathering of family, (if somewhat extended), and the where-with-all to eat, drink and make merry.

We will make a point and saying thank you.

For the miracle of life itself – Jesus’ and ours.

Emmanuel – God with us.

We’ll thank the Father for the privilege of fun and food, fabulous family and friends that care and carry one another’s lives in love and laughter. But mostly we’ll stop to think of those less fortunate who don’t have these same privileges and for whom this time of year is especially sore, sad and hopeless.   We will remember them and I pray that, whoever they are, however they are, and wherever they are, a real Jesus with a face will reach out and touch them in a however holy moment – for surely this is the essence of Christmas.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas with lots of love and laughter…..and…

Happy Birthday Jesus.   I’m so glad you were born.