It is advised never to write about politics or religion. People have been known to get prickly and precious and they go red around the neck and loose around the tongue. That’s the first don’t ever. The second is don’t ever tell me not to do something because the chances are pretty high I’ll get on down and just do it.

So without any further ado, I’ll write about both.

Amen – so be it!

With so many hoo-ha’s this way and that about the legislation just passed in the US ruling in favour of the national right to gay marriage and then the inevitable follow on, and on, and on… in social media and every other available public and private platform.   This is not a new topic and no doubt the debate will abound for a long while yet, as it has for a long while past. Here in the Middle East, the US, in South Africa – which incidentally was the first country in the world to safeguard sexual orientation as a human right in its constitution – and all over the planet.

I’m not writing this to state my allegiance either for or against institutionalised or legalised sexual preferences. I do have a standpoint but its neither relevant nor required here. Besides, I would rather be remembered for my love, than known for my opinions, (thanks Bob Goff).  A thought to follow the trend and make my Facebook profile pretty as a picture by covering it in colour did come by briefly but 1. I don’t usually follow trends and in all honesty, 2. I’m so technologically challenged that just trying to find out how to do that nifty bit of overlay would finish me.   And, if I did change it, it may suggest solidarity and cause a jump to conclusions. Whether I agree or don’t agree with the gay lifestyle, I remain steadfast in standing alongside these unjustly affected, marginalised people who so often find themselves pushed to the outside of the circle of inclusion. For what? Loving another?  The very verb that foundations the Christian faith.

As a person of faith and a wannabe Christ follower, it is my job to accept all people no matter who, what, why and where they are, regardless of if I do or don’t approve of them, their lifestyles, political and moral affiliations, preferred ice cream flavours or choices over pizza crust thicknesses. Approve/ Accept. There’s a difference. After all, I, as does everyone else alive on this planet, fall so short, so painfully short of the glory of God. We don’t even know the condition of our own hearts, let alone anyone else’s.

You know…’s that stuff about removing the tree before seeking the splinter.


And If God removed his mercy; every one of us would be in trouble. Homo or Hetero. Black or White. Fat or thin. Young and Old. One and all.

As we have received mercy and love, so freely give the same.

I don’t believe God needs us to fight battles and prove points on his behalf.

  • I think He’s perfectly capable of doing that Himself – and His ways are usually far different (and so much gentler) than ours.
  • I do think He chooses His battles more wisely than a lot of Christians do and perhaps the battles Christians insist so loudly to fight, are not the same ones He would put His energies and angel forces into. Could it be that God is reluctant or even a non-starter in our efforts to prove Him right?
  • I don’t think Jesus has fallen off his throne with an “OH MY GOD did you see what they just did in the American courts?”  Maybe he’s spending more time hurting for all humanity whilst graciously prodding us in the direction of doing something about the ravages of desperately destructive man made wars, child abuse, sex slavery and simply the lack of food, shelter, education, clothing and sickness amongst too many in the world.
  • In as much as we don’t need to fight for him, we do need to love for Him, and sadly, the world and all those in it, needs as much loving as we can get right now.   Would we not be far more affective and attractive as messengers of love and dignity, community and grace?

Let us love as He loves and leave the other stuff up to Him.

The well-known and usually must-have-at-weddings definition of love, as found in the bible promotes patience and kindness and that love is never haughty, selfish or rude. Love does not demand its own way…

Very different from all the hellfire and brimstone stuff flying around over gays.   And for that matter, Muslims and governments and sportspeople and, and …. Why is it that our need to be right and so vehemently to prove it, totally kills our kindness and compassion and destroys a whole lot of wonderful relationships along the way.

Lets face it, moral superiority does not kill kindly and kill it does. In so many ways.

Oh the diversity of religious conviction. Will we ever find common ground on this side of eternity? This I can’t answer. But what I do know is that my oven bell is pinging, reminding me that another chocolate cake is baked. This one for my Muslim neighbour as she prepares, in a fasted state, an Iftar for her community tonight. Ramadan Kareem. Whilst it cools for frosting, I’ll drop an encouraging note to my gay friends and family across the world and if I knew or was acquainted with any right now, you’d better be sure, I’d be planning to throw a big party for prostitutes.

For surely this is the will of God, come rain(bow) or shine.