Hello, As-salaam Alaykum and Welcome.

If I were greeting you at my front gate right now, I’d probably be in purple – or pink, or turquoise or coral, or a mixture of all four.

I’d most definitely be shoeless because they’re all lying around the house or in the car.
Mostly without makeup – it’s my home and I can be as slapgat as I want.
My hair may or may not be washed, but I’d give you a huge hug, a kind kiss and hopefully make you feel like you’re the best thing that’s happened to my day. Because usually you are.
We’d walk through a bit of a yard that I should love but it’s challenging here. I’m all about lush English country gardens with roses and daisy bushes. This climate is all about hot and sticky 52 C degree heat and plants that don’t need wet feet as water’s more expensive than petrol. Please can someone invent plants that grow on gas.
Up my eternally dusty steps and into the house that can smell like….well….some thing died in the bin or vanilla candles to hide the something that died in the bin. Or, hopefully, the freshly baked chocolate cake I’m famous for – please let it be the latter, so help me God.

Inside my continuously cooled home – I adore the pretty bits, the comfy corners, the me-up-cycled chairs I carted in from the curb, the put-your-feet-on couches, the hardly ever-polished silver heirlooms, countless cushions and things on the walls. Everywhere there have to be things on the walls. Like my family gallery up the stairs with more than a million pics of them and us and the times of our lives. Man, this family has history. What a privilege.

I love to have you visit but be warned – I don’t do housework, as in I don’t walk through the neighbourhood naked. Housework is so ungrateful and demanding. Indulge it today and its back again tomorrow mouth wide – wash me, smooth me, sweep me, tidy me, wipe me especially when the desert insists on moving in unceasingly. I’ve learned dishes don’t go anywhere either. You leave them today and they’re still there tomorrow. I’m an aspiring flybaby and crybaby when it comes to cleaning but usually work on the premise that if I make it pretty enough no one will notice the lurking uglies that, like internet pop up’s, constantly get in your face and never go away. Not until you oblige and pay. For someone else to clean them up and out.

Our current abode is in Dubai as we’re South African expats of 17 years. That’s 7 years in the Middle East and ten happy years in Malawi, Central Africa. For 31 years I’ve lived with one very long suffering husband, Lincoln, who is all the things I’m not. Logical and organised, crazy about spreadsheets and who thrives in a clean, well functioning and smoothly run life (did I mention l-o-n-n-g-s-u-f-f-e-r-i-n-g). We’re hugely honoured to be the parents of two boys, Rory and Damon and in-law’s of a great girl, Carla, all of whom live in Dubai too. Awesome eh! Linc and I are well satisfied and so proud of our children, and as an avid fan of little people, I can hardly wait for grandchildren. No pressure here kids….but don’t forget that I’m the one taking them to Disneyland and up Kilimanjaro so please don’t leave it till I’m too old to worry about good nutrition and decent hygiene. They may just go to bed with chocolate on their teeth and ‘smores in their hair.

I love to learn and am degreed in Theology, Diploma’d in Senior Primary Teaching, Tourism, Public Relations and Marketing, Floristry, Small Business Development, Life Coaching and NLP practitioning (wecanskyrocket) and have had various jobs relating to all of the above. I managed to sell my homemade chocolate sauce on a grand scale, cooked and catered for oh so many mouths and have sewn for a shop. I also worked for a National Newspaper once. I’m so variety personalitied it’s scary – even to me!

Outside I’ve run marathons, walked ultra’s, climbed mountains including Kilimanjaro, swum for miles, jumped out of a plane over Hawaii and subjected my bum to a bike seat for days peddling through Vietnam and Cambodia. Have ticket will travel has equated to a stop or two on every continent except Oceania and the Poles. They will happen soon enough I’m sure. My Buck(et) list is extensive and expensive and my dream is to ride my bike home when we leave the Middle East. That’s from Cairo to Cape Town, roughly 10 000 miles in about four months. Ouch! How does one prepare your rear to enjoy and endure that one? Suggestions in the comment box below please. Note: Sliding down a mountain on a bare bum doesn’t count. I live in a country with conservative laws.

Right now, I tutor a delightful homeschooled student, life coach professionally (wecanskyrocket.com) and counsel over coffee and cake at my kitchen table. I write with as much passion as a wanna-be-counted-blogger can muster. I freelance for an online newspaper (news24 Voices) and I’ve written more books than you can shake a stick at….in my head.

I’m learning to live with and conquer an autoimmune disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis. Because of this I daily drink spinach smoothies which are GREEN and thick and look like the stuff that squirts from caterpillars when they’re inside out. I eat GREEN veggies, piles of avo’s and oily fish. I drink GREEN tea and move as much as I can. Arghh….allow me to live, p-lease! But that’s exactly it, the GREENs do allow me to live and move and have my life back again. One day, I’ll develop the best grain free, egg free, sugar free, seed free, dairy free, root vegetable free and calorie free carrot cake. Then everyone in the world will be my best friend, I just know it. If wishful thoughts could manifest I surely would have done this already because, I spend much too much time walking to the fridge and staring into the greenery whilst wishing that somehow, just somehow, said carrot cake has magically made itself and is parading its cream-cheese-finery right before my eyes.

I follow hard after God, believe in and try to be more and more like Jesus and hate religion. I struggle to call myself Christian, as who knows what that means and represents these days.

Inappropriate, irrelevant and irreverent words (and sounds) escape from me more often than I’d like but that comes with the territory of being real I guess. Very real, very raw, not too precious about myself, open and honest. What can I say? Stuff happens… that it surely does.

I am so honoured and happy you stopped by my blog and I humbly invite you to read the rest of my ramblings. I do so hope you’ll be inspired and encouraged in any and every way possible. I pray you leave my pages with your heart lighter and brighter but mostly I hope you’ve had a good laugh for surely the world needs as many laughers as it can get. And that’s laughing loudly – at me, at yourself and at this life, as it throws out its idiosyncrasies and glows in all its glory.

Blessings, many of them to you and yours


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. What a beautiful header picture! (You look fit to me!) I am headed out to run my 2nd 5K…so excited!!! Keep up your good work here.

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